Our Teaching Method

The method 'an other langue' is especially designed to suit your needs and will enable you to build a contemporary and relevant understanding of the language chosen in a quick, easy and effective way.

The ensured success of our teaching method, 'an other langue', is based on two principal and interrelated axis: the teaching method and the active participation of the student in class. Our modern and practical teaching method stimulates students to build an understanding of the language in relation to daily life and most importantly, our teaching approach is responsive to the student’s immediate interests, experiences and changing needs. This involves a direct and intimate learning process between teacher and students. Emphasis is given on systematic conversations and to a variant of dialogues and discussions that will effectively lead the students to attain the desirable level of efficiency in expressing themselves and sharing their ideas in a new language. Students are in an environment which encourages conversation and interaction and this is the perfect way to learn a language.