By Law

Acquaintance with the teaching method 'an other langue' and enrollment of the student to a course level proportional to his/her abilities is made in the first lesson which is free of charge, without any commitment or obligation on part of the student.

Learning a foreign language (including Greek language) with the method 'an other langue' is achieved by having each week a minimum of two (2) educational units lasting forty five (45) minutes each.

Students must sign, for the corresponding educational units that were held, on the monthly educational units card of the Institute which is handed in by the teaching instructor after the lesson is completed.

The time and place of the occurring private or group lesson is being decided by the student and since an agreement with the direction of the institute or the teacher has preceded.

In the case of canceling or shifting the time or date of the arranged lesson, the student ought to inform the direction of the Institution or the teacher one day before the lesson is due to commence, otherwise the lesson is charged as standard.

The student can let up lessons for any period of time or indefinitely, as long as the tuition fees are being paid off till the actual termination date of the lessons held, without having any other obligation or commitment towards the direction of the Institution.

Tuition Fees: The student ought to defray the lump sum of the tuition fees for the corresponding educational units attained each month within the first five (5) working days of the following calendar month. Settlement of any indebtedness is made evident only through a formal receipt or by the corresponding invoice issued by the Institute’s administration or by the mechanized accounting receipt given by the Institute’s Bank and to which bank the student has agreed to deposit the corresponding due amount.

Forms of Payment: Deposit in the Institute’s bank account in branches of banks (ALPHA BANK, Eurobank, Citibank) or directly in the Institute’s address where you have the ability of a one-off payment of each monthly due amount using credits cards: (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners) as well as debit card (VISA Electron).