Course Levels

The learning method 'an other langue' is divided in three (3) levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.

In the first level, students gain a basic understanding of the selected language (Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Dialogues), and develop the ability to confront the basic daily situations in contemporary communication. Teacher and student together build the language.

In the second level, there is further practice in Grammar and the Vocabulary is enriched. Students are now introduced to the language’s idioms and peculiar yet common expressions in order to gain a deeper and more substantial understanding of the language. This will enable students to become fluent.

In the third level, there is use of specialized teaching material (cds, movies, articles, books) that corresponds to the student’s work field or interests, (Terminology, Literature).

It must be noted that the total duration of the course levels of the 'an other langue' method range from five (5) to fourteen (14) months, considering an average headway of four (4) units per week (2 lessons). It goes without saying that the more students are in regular practice with the teaching material the sooner their progress will advance (students who learn Greek have the advantage of learning the language while being in a Greek-speaking country)